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The A & G replacement doors collection are available in many styles to suit most situations including upvc, composite, stable,  french,  bi-fold, sliding and single or double opening patio doors just to name a few.

As all our home improvements are custom made just for you they will of course be individually tailored to be just perfect. With secure mechanisms, choice of furniture, glazing options and different colours to choose from, also replacement panels, and repairs can be arranged its got to be A & G for the all round Home Improvement service. To make your upvc door unique we offer an outstanding collection of upvc panels with a vast array of designs, colours and glass options. Our panels combine contemporary styling with high quality materials which provide a stunning, high quality and secure entrance to any home.

Entrance Doors

These photos are of our installs – no trick photography, just snaps of the real thing, honest quality always.  Give us a call now, to make enquiry, get a quote or just have a chat, we have so much to show you. We believe that the products we use are the best available at this time and our guarantees speak for themselves.

Not only do UPVC doors add to the beauty of a house, they also serve as one of the most cost-effective home improvement additions to your home. There is a vast array of styles available on the market differing in colour and design. ranging from the very simple basic designs to very complicated and intricate styles with detailed glass panels fior example. There is a UPVC door out there to suit every taste and budget range.

All our products are easy to maintain and you will not have to devote much of your time or effort into their maintenance. The UPVC material used to make the doors will retain its original colour for a long period and is known for its high durability.  See our products page for more information CLICK HERE

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BI-Fold Doors

A & G Bi-fold doors are the ideal way to open up your home and bring the outside in, whilst still keeping the weather out. For outstanding reliability, performance and design every time.

Our stylish but practical bi-fold doors are built to your needs, offering you a bespoke solution every time, from the configuration of the doors to the handles, accessories and colour, making our bi-fold doors the perfect addition to your home.

A & G Roller Shutter Insulated Garage Doors

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